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London Business School 2015 Global Leadership Summit

Rohit Talwar

Navigating the Next Horizon -

The Future of Business

Dancing with Disruption - The Future of Business

Riverview Law Market Horizon Scanning Seminar

Gray Scott

What If the Future Was Simulated?

Gerd Leonhard

Redefining the Relationship Between Man and Machine

Entire Event Presentation

Gerd Leonhard, Gray Scott, Rohit Talwar

Gray Scott

The Simulated Reality Singularity

Gerd Leonhard

Technology & Humanity: The Future

Rohit Talwar

The Future of Business - Navigating the Next Horizon

Question & Answer Session

Rohit Talwar, Gerd Leonhard, Gray Scott

Seminar Highlights

Market Horizon Scanning Seminar

Rohit Talwar

The Big Picture - Technology, Global Change, and the Impacts

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