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Our Authors Introducing Their Chapters

Gerd Leonhard

CEO - The Futures Agency

Redefining the Relationship of Man and Machine

David Wood

Chair - London Futurists, Principal - Delta Wisdom

The Prospect of Democracy 2.0

Michael Nuschke

President - Nuschke Financial Planning

The Future of Personal Income and Expenses

Gray Scott

Founder & CEO - Serious Wonder

The Automated, Digitized, and Simulated Future

Alberto Rizzoli

Education Technology Entrepreneur

Education 2025

James H. Lee

Founder - Strategic Foresight Investments

The Great Energy Controversy of 2030

Calum Chace

Owner - Three Cs

Artificial Intelligence in Business

Laura Goodrich

Co-Founder - On Impact

Being Agile - The Only Way to a Positive Future in the Age of Exponential EVERYTHING!

Peter Bishop

Executive Director - Critical Foresight Skills

Critical Foresight Skills

David Saintloth

Chief Scientist - Apriority LLC

The Rise of the Cosmeceutical Sector

Martin Dinov & Elias Rut

Imperial College, University of Vienna

Future Developments & Opportunities for Deep Learning in Artificial Neural Networks

B.J. Murphy

Curator - Forum for the Future

Biohacking, Cybernetics, and the Future of Body Modding

Andrew Vladimirov & Martin Dinov

DIY Brain Hacker, Imperial College Research

Opportunities for Deep Learning Artificial Neural Networks

Benjamin Mottram

Kingston University

Identifying Flash-Points for Dramatic Change

Stephen Aguilar-Millan

Research Director - European Futures Observ.

Accelerating Change, Pace of Technology, Innovation

Victor Vahidi Motti

Chief Foresight Advisor - Vahid Think Tank

Life in 2035: Future Consciousness, Cyborgs and Wisdom

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